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30 September, 2019 - 9:30
  • There has been significant progress in connecting pathology and diagnostic imaging providers to the My Health Record. Nearly all public providers are already uploading and the number of private providers registering, and uploading is accelerating. There are over 850,000 diagnostic reports a week being uploaded to My Health Record. 

  • From today, healthcare professionals will be able to see patient’s pathology and diagnostic imaging reports and test results grouped together to better support clinical decisions and patients will benefit from improved usability online. 

The upgrade to My Health Record, released today by the Australian Digital Health Agency, is a step-change for both healthcare providers and their patients in the way they can conveniently and securely view medical reports.

The upgrade’s enhanced clinical workflow capabilities will better enable healthcare providers to more easily identify and group together relevant tests and results and provide the best possible healthcare, including keeping track of tests, knowing when they were carried out and monitoring patients’ results over time.

“This upgrade to My Health Record is great news for people like me,” said Geoff Bartle, a healthcare consumer from Western Australia.

“It is important to me that my information is secure and that both myself and my doctors can quickly see and understand all the information about my tests, reports and results so that I get the best possible care,” Mr Bartle said.

Brad Rossiter, a kidney and pancreas transplant patient and double amputee based in NSW, understands the important benefits of pathology reports being uploaded to My Health Record.

“My nephrologist in Canberra gets me to do blood tests every three months, but my GP doesn’t get those reports and they’re also not shared with Canberra Hospital, so if I visit my GP or the hospital there is no record of my testing,” Mr Rossiter said.

“If those reports were uploaded to My Health Record, it would save me a lot of explanation but also help my healthcare providers to do their job, by ensuring they all see the same information regarding my blood tests and results.”

Professor Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Adviser for the Australian Digital Health Agency, said the upgrade was a step forward in improving the usability of My Health Record.  

“Many of us have diagnostic tests ordered by different healthcare providers and undertaken at different locations over time. As a GP, it can be challenging to keep track of these reports with our patients and determine whether, where and when a particular test has been done, particularly when a patient is seeing a range of healthcare professionals to manage multiple conditions,” said Professor Makeham.

“This upgrade to My Health Record enhances the way we can view diagnostic imaging and pathology reports to gain a quick snapshot of a patient’s test result history. The new overviews show you multiple reports within a specific date range on one page, and that improves the ability of healthcare providers to access important test result information that we need to inform clinical decisions,” Professor Makeham said.



  • More than 31 million clinical documents and more than 1.3 billion Medicare documents have already been uploaded to My Health Record.  
  • With this upgrade, Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Overviews are automatically available from Clinical Information System (CIS) applications that implemented the My Health Record Document List. 
  • Prior to this upgrade, CIS vendors had to do development work to implement the Pathology and DI Views. Now CIS applications that have implemented the MHR Document List will be able to provide the Pathology and DI Overviews without additional development work from the CIS vendors. 
  • The Australian Digital Health Agency is working with healthcare provider organisations across the country to connect healthcare professionals to the My Health Record system and improve the information available to consumers who have a My Health Record. 
  • The more information that is available in a patient’s My Health Record, the more information healthcare providers have available to make complex decisions about a patient’s health and treatment options. 

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Monday, September 30, 2019