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As a carer, you can use My Health Record to help support the person you are caring for.

How you can use My Health Record

If you are a carer for someone, you can use My Health Record to:

Add information to My Health Record

A new My Health Record might not have much information in it when you first log in. Doctors, pharmacist or other healthcare providers can start to add information to create a picture of a person’s health over time.

Ask your healthcare provider to add new information to your My Health Record at your next visit.

Melissa and Damien's My Health Record story

Melissa and her husband Damien have seen hundreds of healthcare providers since he lost his sight at the age of 26. Using My Health Record means Melissa doesn’t need to remember all the details of Damien's health history when helping with his care.

Case study: My Health Record supports Angela’s long-term care needs

John and Margaret are both primary carers for their daughter Angela, who has Down syndrome. While it can be challenging for them to manage Angela’s health needs with their own as they get older, it’s been made easier with My Health Record. When Angela recently had to see a new specialist, John didn’t have to worry about bringing paper copies of her previous test results, or repeating her medical history, because the doctor could bring her details up online. It’s a huge weight off John and Margaret’s shoulders to know there’s a digital system to support them and their daughter.

“It was really important for Marnie to have a My Health Record, but it was also important for me, as her carer. It provides me with a level of security and confidence knowing that, if I wasn’t here, someone will know about Marnie’s story and that she will be managed appropriately.”

Donna Sedgman, mother and primary carer for 20 year-old Marnie Clapham