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You can see details of access to your My Health Record at any time. You can also set SMS or email notifications, so you know when your record has been accessed.

See who has viewed your record

Every time someone accesses your My Health Record, it gets logged in the ‘My Record Access History’ of your My Health Record.

The ‘My Record Access History’ shows:

  • the time and date of access
  • which healthcare organisation or authorised person (e.g. nominated representative) accessed your record
  • the action that was taken on your record (e.g. retrieve medicines information)
  • details of your own access to your record.  

To see your access history:

  1.  Log in to your My Health Record through myGov.
  2.  Select the record you would like to view.
  3. Click the 'Privacy & Access' tab in the top navigation menu.
  4. Select ‘My Record Access History’.
  5. You will see the ‘Information on Access History’ for the last 12 months.

If you want to see records from more than 12 months ago, you can set dates to ‘Filter Access History’ at the top of the page.

Get notified when someone accesses your record

You can choose to receive an email or SMS notification when a healthcare organisation accesses your record for the first time, or in an emergency.

To set up notifications: 

  1.  Log in to your My Health Record through your myGov account.
  2.  Select the record you would like to access.
  3.  Select the 'Profile and Settings' tab and then ‘Notification Settings’.
  4.  Select whether you would like to be notified by email or SMS and enter your contact details.
  5.  You can then choose which notifications you want to receive.

Report concerns about your access history

If you are concerned about something in your access history, or a notification that you have received, call us on 1800 723 471. We will investigate all reported issues.

Your My Health Record is protected by strict laws. A range of penalties, including up to 5 years jail time, may be imposed if a serious breach occurs.