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My Health Record gives you the ability to control and manage important health information.

You can decide what information is added to your record, and which healthcare providers can access it. Giving your treating doctors access to this information can help them to make more informed decisions about your care.

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Using My Health Record, you can:

  • Add personal health information – You can share details like medicines, allergies and adverse reactions with your healthcare providers, such as doctors, specialists, or hospital staff. 
  • View and manage your Medicare information – Choose which Medicare information is added to your record. You can control information such as claims for medical services, doctor visits, tests, medicines, organ donation decisions, and your immunisations. You can choose to add some or all of this information to your My Health Record.
  • See a list of your medicines – You can view the medicines you are taking or have taken in the past.
  • See pathology and diagnostic imaging reports – When you have a blood test, x-ray or other type of test or scan, the results can be added to you My Health Record. You, your doctors and other healthcare providers can then view them any time.
  • Keep your personal details up-to-date – Change your phone number and add your emergency contacts.
  • Track your child’s development – Track growth, milestones, immunisations and other important information and observations about your child’s early health and development.
  • Add an advance care plan to record your future wishes – Describe how you want to be treated if you’re not able to speak for yourself. You can document your wishes in an advance care plan add it to your My Health Record.
  • Remove information – You can remove documents and other information from your record so that they are no longer visible to you, healthcare providers or people who you have allowed access to your My Health Record.

There are also a range of settings which give you more control over who can access your record and who can view specific documents in your record.

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