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If you are affected by family and domestic violence, you can take steps to control the information in your My Health Record.

In immediate danger? Call 000 now.

For 24/7 support and counselling, call 1800RESPECT on

1800 737 732.

Call 1800 723 471 if you think your family's safety is at risk due to information in a My Health Record.

Concerned that someone may find you or your child through information in your child’s My Health Record?

For 24/7 support, call the My Health Record helpline on 1800 723 471. There are protections we can quickly put in place to protect your family’s safety. They include:

  • Restrict access to a record
  • Suspend a record
  • Cancel a record
  • See who has access to a record and remove a person’s access if they’re not eligible
  • Set a code to restrict new healthcare providers having access to the record or to specific documents within in it
  • Remove documents from a record

Family and domestic violence isn’t always physical and it can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. It can happen anywhere, including at home or at work. It can cause you to live in fear for yourself and your family. This can happen even if you’ve left a violent relationship. 

Learn more on the Services Australia website

About My Health Record

My Health Record brings together health information from you, your healthcare providers and Medicare. GPs, specialists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers can add clinical documents to your record. These include an overview of your health or prescriptions. 

To access My Health Record, visit the myGov website. You may wish to consider updating the password to your myGov account to something unique and more secure.

The following table includes important information you need to know about My Health Record

If any information below concerns you, call the 24/7 helpline on 1800 723 471.  

Access to a child’s record

Parents can access their child’s record as an authorised representative until the child turns 14. 

If either parent opted their child out of My Health Record or cancelled their child's record, another authorised representative, such as the child’s other parent, may be able to register the child for a record.

Address information

Some clinical documents may contain address, location or contact details. It may also include your healthcare provider organisation’s address or location. 

Medicare information

Medicare claims from doctor visits, tests, medicines and immunisations are automatically added to your record. You can stop automatic uploads by accessing your record via myGov or by contacting the helpline.

In some instances, both parents can have the child on their Medicare card. If Medicare information has been included in a child’s My Health Record, then both parents may be able to view all the Medicare information for their child.

Being on the same Medicare card does not entitle your partner to have access to your record. 

    Register for My Health Record under a different name (pseudonym)

    If you’re concerned about using your real name, you can use a different name to register for a My Health Record. Please note, if you are using a different name (known as a pseudonym), this isn’t linked to your Medicare information and you will not be eligible to claim services under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

    You can apply for a pseudonym Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) through Services Australia. To apply, call Services Australia on 1300 361 457.

    Apply for a pseudonym

    Downloadable resources

    Family safety information (DL brochure) (PDF, 591KB) 

    Glossary of terms

    Find the full glossary of terms here