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My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. 

When you turn 14, your parents or guardians will no longer have access to your My Health Record, unless you invite them. 

This means you have privacy and control over who can see your health information.

If you decide you want help from a parent or guardian, you can invite them to access your record as a nominated representative.


What if you’re under 14

If you’re under 14, your parents or guardians manage your record for you. They can look at your record and see health information about you uploaded by your doctor, nurse and Medicare. They can also see your medical tests and medicines, add and delete information, and set extra privacy controls in your record.

If you are worried about a particular medical document being uploaded to your record that your parent or guardian might see, let your doctor, nurse or pharmacist know you don’t want those documents uploaded to your My Health Record.


How to access your record

You need to have a myGov account to access your My Health Record. myGov is a secure way to access Australian Government services online.

You will need to verify your identity using your Medicare number, name, address, date of birth and gender.

Find out how to access your record for the first time


Where do I find my Medicare number?

If you are on your parent’s Medicare card, your Medicare number will be on their card. You will also need to know your Individual Reference Number, which is the number that appears next to your name on the card.

If you are 15 years or older, you may already have your own Medicare number and card.

If you don’t know your Medicare number, contact Medicare so they can give it to you.


How to use My Health Record once you have access

When you log in to My Health Record for the first time, there may be little or no information in it. Ask your healthcare provider to add new information to your My Health Record at your next visit

If your parents opted you out of having a My Health Record, you can register for one at any time. 


You control who sees your health information

Whenever someone views or updates information in your My Health Record, it is automatically logged in your Access History, which you can review any time.

You can also set up notifications to receive an email or SMS any time a new healthcare provider accesses your record for the first time or during an emergency.

You can control access to specific documents and remove documents at any time. 

In a medical emergency, your doctors can access your important health information when time is critical, such as allergies, medicines and immunisations to help them give you the best possible treatment and care.

Factsheet: Are you 14 or over? Get the fact sheet here.