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The My Health Record system can transform quality, experience and value in Australia's healthcare system through a range of important benefits.

"A benefit is a measurable improvement or change resulting from an outcome perceived as important by one or more stakeholders which may include quality, access and productivity outcomes. Measurement of benefits may be used to justify both initial and ongoing investment in digital health technologies and services by government." (1)

How can My Health Record transform healthcare?

My Health Record aims to transform Australia’s healthcare system through benefits realisation. The Australian Digital Health Agency is working closely with stakeholders to implement a range of projects and programs to support changes and measure expected benefits associated with My Health Record.

Some identified ways My Health Record can provide benefits to Australia’s healthcare system are through:

  • Avoided adverse drug events
  • Enhanced patient self-management
  • Improvements in patient outcomes
  • Reduced time gathering clinical information
  • Avoided duplication of services

Improving medication safety

Medication errors that lead to harmful medication safety incidents and adverse drug events may be preventable through increased accessibility to patient information.

Access to information for people and their healthcare providers

Access to information via My Health Record may enable self-management and reduce clinicians’ time necessary to perform several information-led tasks, freeing up productivity for more critical activities.

My Health Record offers an electronic summary of a person’s key health information that can be shared securely between them and registered healthcare providers involved in their care to support improved decision making and continuity of care.

Reducing unnecessary services

Access to information via My Health Record may help patients by avoiding duplication of diagnostic tests and services.

How are benefits measured?

The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed a 10-year My Health Record Benefits Evaluation Plan that includes continuous research and monitoring of My Health Record adoption, use, impact and benefits realisation. The insights gained from this research are continuously used to guide Agency programs and product initiatives aligned to realising My Health Record benefits.

How are benefits realised?

Benefits realisation for My Health Record is driven by activities that create health system efficiencies and support greater effectiveness in healthcare management.

These include:

  • Healthcare providers being connected to My Health Record to allow viewing and use of the information in the system, which can lead to improved care pathways and outcomes.
  • Uploading of information to My Health Record from clinical information systems for a larger proportion of Australians with a My Health Record, which can lead to greater adoption and use.
  • Helping healthcare providers (and patients) understand how to view information in My Health Record, which could lead to greater patient engagement in care.


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