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This section contains information for specialists looking to register for My Health Record and learn more about the system.

My Health Record: Specialists - What’s in it for me and my patients?

Read our fact sheet introducing My Health Record.

Register and set up access 

There are two ways through which authorised healthcare providers can access an individual’s record in the My Health Record system:

1. Conformant software

Accessing the My Health Record system through conformant clinical software enables healthcare providers to upload, view and download information from an individual's My Health Record.

Click here for more information on access via conformant software

2. National Provider Portal

If a healthcare provider does not have access to conformant software, they can view an individual’s My Health Record through the National Provider Portal at: The healthcare provider will be able to view and download information from the individual’s My Health Record, but will not be able to upload any clinical information.

Click here for more information on access via the National Provider Portal

Establish roles, responsibilities and policies 

Prior to registering your organisation you will first need to establish your team members’ roles and responsibilities as they relate to interacting with the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record system.

While your registration is being processed, this is an opportune time to:

Contact your local primary health network for assistance with the above if required.

View and upload clinical information

Learn how:

Understand privacy, security and consent

Learn about/how to:

Get training and resources

Clinical software simulators

There is a range of clinical software simulators or ‘sandboxes’ with which you can simulate viewing, creating and uploading clinical information to a fictional patient’s My Health Record. There are simulators for MedicalDirector, Zedmed and Genie.

Access clinical software simulators

Clinical software summary sheets

There are summary sheets for a range of clinical software products with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.




Clinical software demonstrations

There is a range of demonstrations showing how to perform a variety of functions in a range of clinical software products, including MedicalDirector, Zedmed and Genie.




Provider Portal demonstration

This demonstration shows how, once registered and connected, to log into the Provider Portal and view the range of information that might be available in a person’s My Health Record.

Access Provider Portal demonstration


The Agency has hosted a number of webinars to help build knowledge on My Health Record.

Access webinar recordings

Education and training request form

The Agency can help with organising face-to-face education and training. 

Submit and education and training request

Support and inform patients


A range of brochures are available to support you in introducing My Health Record to your patients.

Consumer Portal guides

A range of step-by-step guides are available to support patients in interacting with their My Health Record, including uploading a personal health summary, setting privacy controls and a range of other functions.

Get help and support

Contact us

See the Contact us page for guidance on who to call for help and support.