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Nurses play a key role in providing vital health services to Australians every day. Making sure nursing staff can quickly gain an understanding of a patient’s health history can assist in the treatment of chronic and complex medical conditions.

Access to the My Health Record system means a patient’s key health information is together in one place; reducing time spent looking for and sharing information between treating healthcare providers.

CPD accredited eLearning module: My Health Record in Nursing

This self-paced course has been developed in collaboration with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and is eligible for CPD points.

The course supports nurses working in any healthcare setting to become familiar with and confident in using the My Health Record system.

Learn more about the eLearning module

Factsheets and guides for healthcare providers

See the fact sheets and guides page for guidance on how healthcare providers can use the My Health Record system.

View and upload clinical information

Nurses can use the My Health Record system in a variety of ways. Learn how to:

Support and inform your patients

You can find a range of resources including brochures and step-by-step guides to support patients in interacting with their My Health Record.

Resources include how to upload a personal health summary, set privacy controls and many other functions.

If your patients have questions about My Health Record, you can refer them to information in the For you & your family section of this website.

Learn how to support your patients to use My Health Record

Understand privacy, security and consent

Healthcare organisations using the My Health Record system need to understand their obligations. Learn about/how to:

Register and set-up access to the My Health Record system

There are two ways in which authorised healthcare providers can access an individual’s record in the My Health Record system:

  1. Conformant software enables healthcare providers to upload, view and download information from an individual's My Health Record. 
  2. National Provider Portal enables healthcare providers to view and download information from the individual’s My Health Record, but will not be able to upload any clinical information.

If a healthcare provider does not have access to conformant software, they can view an individual’s My Health Record through the National Provider Portal.

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