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Healthcare providers have access to a suite of resources and education materials to help you understand how to use My Health Record to support your patients.

Benefits of using My Health Record

Did you know that more than 90% of Australians now have a My Health Record? As a healthcare provider, you can now start using My Health Record to help improve health outcomes for your patients in a range of clinical environments.

Benefits of using My Health Record include:

  • Improving medication safety for patients: Many medication errors that lead to harmful medication safety incidents may be preventable through improved access to patient information. Increased access to patient information could reduce hospital admission caused by medication errors, which costs the healthcare system $1.4 billion annually.
  • Allowing better access to vital information for patients and their healthcare providers: In a recent study, clinicians believed that in 57% of patient visits, they were missing information that was outside their clinical system. My Health Record will help to connect clinicians with information at the point of care, and means less time spent trying to locate missing documents.
  • Reducing unnecessary test duplication: Evidence shows using electronic health records can reduce test duplication by 18%. My Health Record is estimated to reduce pathology test duplication by 6.5% and diagnostic imaging tests by 4.4%.

Discover all the benefits My Health Record can bring to you and your patients.

Online training: eLearning modules

We have courses tailored courses for those working in general practice, hospitals, community pharmacy and allied health.

The training introduces My Health Record’s benefits, features and how you can start using it in your practice.

The general practice and pharmacy modules are CPD accredited and self-paced taking no more than 1-2 hours to complete.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of My Health Record for healthcare providers and patients
  • Types of information that My Health Record contains
  • Uses of My Health Record in a range of healthcare settings
  • Privacy and security mechanisms that underpin My Health Record.

Access My Health Record online training.


You can access our series of recorded webinars to learn more about My Health Record online.

Webinars include:

  • An introduction to My Health Record
  • How to view a My Health Record
  • Privacy, security and patient consent in My Health Record.

Find all our webinars.

Fact sheets and guides

Resources are available for healthcare providers on how to use the My Health Record system, including checklists and step-by-step guides.

Read our fact sheets and guides page.

Clinical software simulators and demonstrations

Learn how to access My Health Record through a range of clinical software simulations.

The clinical software simulators are regularly updated as new features become available. You can check the list of software products using My Health Record.

Find a list of clinical software simulators.

Find resources by healthcare setting

Locate resources, training and guides by your specific professional setting: