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How it works

Diagnostic imaging reports you have requested or have been nominated to receive will be sent directly to you using existing processes in your practice.

If your patient has a My Health Record, their diagnostic imaging reports can also be uploaded to their My Health Record by the diagnostic imaging service.

The reports will be immediately available to all members of the patient’s health care team.

Diagnostic imaging reports will be available for your patient to view through their My Health Record seven days after the report is uploaded.

This gives you time to review the report and contact your patient to discuss the results before they can see them in their My Health Record.

The benefits of viewing reports in My Health Record

Better access to test results will help your patients and other healthcare providers involved in their care make important treatment decisions that could improve patient care and health outcomes.

Sharing diagnostic imaging reports with the My Health Record will support delivery of improved patient care through:

  • improved access to information
  • reduction of unnecessary duplicate testing
  • time saved trying to locate or request copies of results.
  • improved relationship with patients.

Patients also benefit from being able to access their diagnostic imaging reports in their My Health Record. This helps them to:

  • keep track of their diagnostic imaging results
  • monitor their results over time
  •  access their results at any time.

Find out more about how your patients can benefit from My Health Record.

Patient consent to upload diagnostic imaging reports

A patient can request that their diagnostic imaging reports are uploaded to their My Health Record. However, it is not necessary for you, or the diagnostic imaging service, to seek consent from the patient every time.

If you or your patient does not want a diagnostic imaging report uploaded to a My Health Record the diagnostic imaging service should be notified.

A patient may withdraw consent or ask that a report not be uploaded at any time before the report is uploaded to their My Health Record.

If a patient changes their mind about a report upload after it has been sent to their My Health Record, they can do one of the following:

  • they can remove the report online or with the support of the My Health Record helpline (1800 723 471)
  • they can apply a ‘limited document access control’ to the report, which will prevent it from being viewed by providers unless the code is shared.

There may be times when you have not been in contact with a patient before their reports are available to them in their My Health Record.

It is recommended that you adopt a general policy that reports be included in a patient’s My Health Record even if you have not contacted them before the seven-day window. 

You should only indicate that a report not be shared with the My Health Record system if your patient requests they not be shared.

You may also not upload reports if the information may cause a serious threat to the life, health or safety of a patient.

In the event a ‘do not upload to My Health Record’ request is made regarding an investigation report, the reason for this decision should be documented in the clinical information system or patient record.

Sensitive results

If the results of a diagnostic imaging test could be considered sensitive, you may wish to discuss with your patient whether to upload the report.

A diagnostic imaging service will not upload a report to a My Health Record where existing state or territory legislation prohibits the disclosure of sensitive information without the express consent of the patient.

Upload reports by diagnostic imaging services

Diagnostic imaging reports can be uploaded to My Health Record once the diagnostic imaging service has registered to participate in the My Health Record.

The service will also need to use software that allows their reports to be uploaded.

Medical practices can check the list of conformant software systems.

Practices can also confirm with their software vendors that their requesting process options are supported with their version of software. 

See the list of diagnostic imaging providers that are connected to and sharing information to the My Health Record system.

Notify a diagnostic imaging service about withdrawn consent 

If you do not want the reports uploaded, or the patient requests that they do not want their reports to be uploaded to their My Health Record, you should notify this withdrawal of consent to the diagnostics imaging provider by:

  • checking the Do not send reports to My Health Record check box in your practice management software, or
  • checking the Do not send reports to My Health Record check box on the paper referral form, or
  • writing Do not send reports to My Health Record on the request form.

View a patient’s diagnostic imaging reports

You can view diagnostic imaging reports that have been uploaded to your patient’s My Health Record, including reports ordered by other healthcare providers.

If you use conformant clinical software to access My Health Record, you can access the Diagnostic Imaging Reports Overview, which summarises and groups available tests to streamline your search.

Let your patients know how their reports are being shared to their record

View reports in the National Provider Portal

If you do not have software that is conformant with linking to the My Health Record system, you can find out how to access your patients’ reports through the National Provider Portal.

For more information, visit our webinars page or go to the overview for healthcare professionals.


View the Diagnostic Imaging Reports Overview here.