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28 February 2018

Lionel Corrigan is no stranger to the medical system, having had his first heart ‘turn’ more than 20 years ago.

Since then he has had a triple bypass and developed a myriad of chronic health conditions including irregular blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, emphysema and a triple bypass, which has seen him in and out of hospitals multiple times. 

“I’ve been a plant operator and miner all my life. Consequently, I suffer all the problems of a plant operator and miner. In old age, it’s caught up with me,” said Lionel, also affectionately known as Tiger.

Dr Ron Malpas from Strive Health in Townsville is Lionel’s long-term and trusted GP. Ron is always on the lookout for ways to support his patients to manage their health better, and as a supporter of digital health, he suggested that Lionel could benefit from getting a My Health Record. “Tiger visits a lot of different specialists – cardiologists, urologists and endocrinologists – so there’s complex issues that need to be managed. Often, those specialists don’t communicate with each other.

By using My Health Record, important information is brought together so there’s a coordinated approach to his care,” said Ron.

Even though Lionel is a bit ‘old-school’ when it comes to technology, what he really likes is that his information is online and available to his GP and all other healthcare providers involved in his treatment.