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13 May 2019

Clinical Reference Lead and Clinical Psychologist Mr Jamie Marshall discusses the new e-health learning modules for allied health professionals.

The launch of My Health Record gives allied health professionals, like me, the opportunity to build upon the care we already deliver to our clients. Having broader access to their health information and clinical documents, such as hospital discharge summaries which were previously difficult to obtain, will enable us to develop more tailored plans that better support their needs. This will be particularly helpful with clients and patients who have chronic or complex physical or mental health conditions as it will help to ensure a co-ordinated care plan that puts them at the centre of their care.

However, we will only be able to do this if we have the digital capability and skills needed to support them. To meet this challenge, the Australian Digital Health Agency partnered with peak body, Allied Health Professions Australia, to develop training to meet the needs of our broad range of allied health professionals.

Over 195,000 of us, from chiropractors to psychologists, can now benefit from being able to do this free online training which we can use towards CPD points with our professional associations.

The five modules of the My Health Record e-training cover:

  • Introduction to the system – how to navigate key features and functionalities, how to explain the benefits and how usage can complement local record-keeping to improve patient health
  • Clinical documents and patient-entered information – outlines the types of clinical information found in the system and how each might help inform a decision on clinical care
  • Viewing and uploading to the system – the basic principles for viewing, amending and uploading information and the clinical significance of uploading high quality data
  • Privacy, security and consent – outlines allied health professionals’ obligations for maintaining patient privacy and the security practices needed to meet them, available security features, the patient consent process and how they relate to the use of My Health Record
  • Supporting patient use of My Health Record – how patients can manage the privacy and security of their record, how to address patient concerns, how patients can cancel their record and what happens with the contents

The new training is available on our Training page and aims to increase the confidence of allied health professionals when using My Health Record in everyday practice. This will give us the skills we need to ensure continuum of care across the healthcare sector, and lead to improved health outcomes.

As allied health professionals, we play an essential role in supporting the overall health of Australia. From ensuring eyes and feet remain healthy, to supporting people through mental health and social issues, the My Health Record system will allow us to elevate the contribution made by all allied health professionals, leading to improved health outcomes for our clients and ultimately all Australians.