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Miriam McDonald and Rebecca Vella
16 April 2018

Townsville resident Rebecca Vella believes My Health Record is an essential tool – and one that she uses often – to keep track of all of her important health information.

Rebecca’s fiancé is a proud member of the Australian Defence Force, which means the couple are packing up their entire lives and moving to a new city every two to three years on average. 

My Health record does not replace the need for Rebecca to have clinical conversations with her doctor, but it is a good source of details to complement the clinical conversation.

“Without My Health Record, I would forever be repeating myself to health providers and chasing up information,” Rebecca said.

“I would have to either request my previous GP or specialist to send my records to my new provider, or I would need to repeat my entire medical history whenever I visited a new provider in a new area.

“I am currently accessing services in various facilities, and having a My Health Record to refer to means that I thankfully don’t have to repeat my story to every new provider I see.”

Rebecca confidentially relies on My Health Record wherever she goes, and believes it has allowed her to receive the best care possible, with minimal hassle.

Due to Rebecca suffering from a serious anaphylactic reaction to penicillin, she believes that the most valuable data on her record is her allergy information.

“I rely on this information being accessible and up to date if I am ever unable to communicate it to a health provider myself, especially in an emergency situation,” Rebecca said.

“I recently went to hospital, and the Emergency Department staff were able to use previous uploads on my record to assist them with my diagnosis.”

During her hospital visit, Rebecca’s healthcare providers were able to access Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) data which informed them of tests she had previously done and medications she had been recently prescribed.

“The Emergency Department staff were able to access all of my test results, even though I didn’t have any of the physical paper work with me,” Rebecca said.  

Rebecca has strong confidence in using My Health Record to assist and contribute to the quality of the care that she receives.

She loves the idea of staying in control of her important health information, and does so conveniently and securely by accessing her My Health Record at least once a week using the Healthi app on her mobile phone.

Rebecca believes My Health Record should be a standard conversation during all patient consultations with health providers, and that it will be a useful tool for empowering consumers to take a greater ownership of their health needs in the near future.

Rebecca is looking forward to the Government expanding My Health Record to all Australians in 2018.

“I encourage others to use My Health Record all the time,” she said.

“I have told my friends in Sydney about it and they can also see the huge benefits of a national roll-out of My Health Record.