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19 June, 2019 - 9:00

Women in Perth are set to benefit from more convenient and comprehensive access to their scan results as local radiology provider Women's and Breast Imaging this week connected to My Health Record.

The results of scans and tests conducted at Women's and Breast Imaging will be uploaded directly to the patient’s My Health Record. This will give patients peace of mind that they won’t lose their results and will streamline the process between diagnostic clinic and clinician leading to an improved patient experience. It will also ensure that no matter which healthcare professional a patient visits, as long as they are connected to the system, the information is available to them which will cut down on unneeded diagnostic tests.

Perth-based Women's and Breast Imaging is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging for women and specialises in breast disease imaging.

“Women who come to us are quite understandably experiencing a vulnerable moment in their lives, so the last thing they want to think about is looking after their test results. This new capability will improve the top quality service and experience Women’s and Breast Imaging already provides to our patients” says Dr Vanessa Attienza-Hipolito, Radiologist and Practice Director.

“Each day we perform nearly 50 imaging procedures for women from all across Perth. Ensuring a copy of their test results are safely available when and where they need them is essential. Making sure women have ease of access improves their experience which for us is second only to patient safety. In the first week of connection alone we are already hearing from clinicians and specialists that it is improving patient care, saving time and is making a real difference to treatment plans.” She added.

Women's and Breast Imaging can now upload the results of a test to the My Health Record system after a patient has a scan. Results won’t be immediately visible to patients so GPs have time to read the results, deliver the information to patients and have any necessary discussion about the next steps for their healthcare. The results will then become visible to the patient after 7 days.

“This is another step forward in connecting the health system in Western Australia,” says the Chief Medical Adviser of the Australian Digital Health Agency and general practitioner Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham.

“Over a third of us have some form of imaging every year, with many of us needing more than just one test. It’s easy to quickly lose track of your results, particularly if you don’t have a regular GP or when you are seeing a range of healthcare professionals to manage multiple conditions.”

“My Health Record allows you to keep your important test results safe in one place, which you and your healthcare providers can access at any time. Visibility of your information helps your healthcare providers make more informed decisions when providing you treatment or care,” she added.

The Agency is working with healthcare provider organisations across the country to connect healthcare professionals to the My Health Record system and improve the information available to consumers who have a My Health Record. The more information that is available in a patient’s My Health Record, the more healthcare providers have available to make complex decisions about a patient’s health and treatment options. The availability of diagnostic scan results in My Health Record will lead to improved health outcomes for women in WA and assist them to be empowered with their health information.


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