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As a healthcare provider, soon you and your patients will be able to view a list of all Pharmacist Shared Medicines Lists (PSML) that have been uploaded to a My Health Record. This is a list of medicines a consumer is known to be taking including prescribed, over-the-counter (OTC) and complementary medicines at the time the list is created. Allergies and adverse drug reactions information will also be included within a PSML.

This live and interactive webinar will explain what the PSML is and benefits to you and your patients in accessing this information when providing care.

Why is it important that I attend this webinar?

The PSML will improve information sharing between health professionals, ensure continuity of medicine management for patients who transfer between care settings, and provide timely access to a curated medicines list. It will also help to reduce medication interactions, which will help to improve both medicine safety and patient safety.

All healthcare providers and support staff are welcome to attend this webinar. Please note, this webinar will be held live twice on 30th July. You are only required to register for one webinar.