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Electronic prescriptions are a key priority of the National Digital Health Strategy and offer new prescription format options and convenience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Implementation of electronic prescriptions is well underway, with several software providers validating the technical aspects along with workflow in a number of electronic prescribing ‘communities of interest’ (COI). We are pleased to host a panel discussion with clinicians (General Practitioner, Pharmacist) and Practice Manager, participating in a COI, who will be sharing their experience and strategies about how their practice has incorporated electronic prescriptions in everyday practice.

All healthcare providers and staff interacting with consumers are welcome to attend this session.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Overall experience and insights around preparing their organisation and teams for electronic prescriptions and what worked well
  • Challenges around workflow and how practices and pharmacies have overcome these, incorporating electronic and paper prescriptions into routine practice
  • Common questions raised by consumers about electronic prescriptions and how staff can respond to these 
  • Strategies for getting your practice (practice or pharmacy) ready for electronic prescriptions, focusing on technical requirements and staff communication