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  • participant

    A participant in the My Health Record system is the System Operator, a registered healthcare provider organisation, a registered repository operator, a registered portal operator, a registered contracted service provider and the operator of the National Repositories Service.

  • participation agreements

    Prior to 2016, healthcare provider organisations, contracted service providers, repository operators and portal operators were required to enter into, and remain a party to, a participation agreement with the System Operator to be registered to participate in the My Health Record system. The agreement included rights and obligations for both the organisation and the System Operator relating to the uploading of records to the My Health Record system, the allocation of liability between the parties, and the processes for notifying key events and changes. In 2016, the requirement to enter into a participation agreement was removed and the rights and obligations in it were transferred into the My Health Records Act 2012 and My Health Records Regulation 2012.

  • pathology report

    A pathology report contains the findings of test results on samples of body fluid/waste or tissue material. Doctors use this information to for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other conditions.

  • pending nominated representatives

    Representatives who have been appointed as an individual’s nominated representative and have had an access code generated, but who are yet to log into the My Health Record system using the access code.

  • personal access code (PAC)

    A code generated by the individual to provide a nominated representative with access to the individual’s My Health Record.

    Note: this was previously referred to as the access code

  • personal controls

    The controls that provide a single point within an individual’s My Health Record to view information about their personal settings.

  • personal health notes

    Personal notes added by a consumer to their My Health Record. This can be considered their private health diary and is not visible to healthcare providers.

    Note: this is a ‘healthcare recipient-only note’ as referred to in the My Health Records Act.

  • personal health summary

    A document created by the individual that includes medications, allergies and adverse reactions. This document of the My Health Record is accessible by healthcare providers (unlike the personal health notes).

    Note: this was previously referred to as consumer entered health summary
  • personal observations

    Observations that allow for the recording and viewing of childhood measurement information such as a child’s height, weight and head circumference. Personal observations may be viewed by healthcare providers.

  • personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR)

    Former name of the My Health Record.

  • prescription and dispense records

    Records that incorporate prescription and dispense information to provide a consolidated record of medications – which are available as two clinical documents (My Health Record Prescription Record and My Health Record Dispense Record) available in consumer, B2B and provider portals.

  • proof of record ownership (PORO)

    Method of identification used by Services Australia to verify someone's identity.

  • provider digital access (PRODA)

    Services Australia service that allows a healthcare provider with an HPI-I to access the My Health Record National Provider Portal for read-only purposes.

  • provider portal

    The interface through which healthcare provider organisations can access the My Health Record system and view an individual’s My Health Record without having to use a clinical information system. The National Provider Portal is a view only service.