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  • NASH organisation PKI certificate

    A digital certificate that authenticates a healthcare provider organisation to access the My Health Record system, using conformant clinical software.

  • National Authentication Service for Health (NASH)

    A system for verifying the authenticity of patients and professionals for the purpose of ensuring the privacy of a person’s electronic health data, while enabling secure access to the data by the person’s authorised health providers.

  • National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA)

    The organisation established by the Australian, state and territory governments to develop better ways of electronically collecting and securely exchanging health information. From 1 July 2016, all references to National E-Health Transition Authority or NEHTA will be deemed to be references to the Australian Digital Health Agency.

  • National Infrastructure Operator (NIO)

    The business area responsible for providing and managing the My Health Record system on behalf of the System Operator.

  • National Repositories Service (NRS)

    The service that ensures that there is capacity to store a minimum critical set of health information about registered individuals, including shared health summaries, event summaries, discharge summaries, specialist letters, prescribed and dispensed medications and healthcare recipient-only notes. The System Operator operates the NRS.

  • network hierarchy

    A hierarchy that is made up of a seed organisation (the lead healthcare provider organisation of the network hierarchy) and may include one or more network organisations.

  • network organisation

    A healthcare provider organisation with an HPI-O that is part of a network hierarchy and is subordinate to a seed organisation. Network organisations can be used to represent different departments, sections or divisions within an organisation (e.g. departments within a hospital) or can be separate legal entities from the seed organisation.

  • nominated healthcare provider

    The author of a shared health summary. Under the My Health Records Act 2012, a nominated healthcare provider must be a medical practitioner, a registered nurse or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander health practitioner. The healthcare provider and the individual must agree that, for the purposes of the My Health Record system, the healthcare provider is the individual’s nominated healthcare provider.

  • nominated representative

    A representative who is provided access to a My Health Record by the individual or the individual’s authorised representative. A nominated representative can view your health information. A nominated representative with read-only access is not required to provide any evidence of identity to the System Operator.

  • notification settings

    This is an area in the My Health Record where an individual can set preferences for when and how to receive notification when someone accesses their My Health Record, or when a new document is uploaded to their record.