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  • identity verification code (IVC)

    A code that is generated during the registration process for individuals on the Assisted Registration Tool, or via phone or face to face channels. The IVC proves that their identity has been verified by the My Health Record system. The IVC is used to access the individual’s My Health Record online for the first time.

  • indigenous status

    A status indicator that is stored within the My Health Record for individuals who wish to indicate whether they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin. This indicator is not mandatory.

  • Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI)

    A 16-digit unique number used to identify individuals who receive or may receive healthcare in the Australian health system.

  • individual or patient

    A person who has received, receives or may receive healthcare in Australia.

  • individual reference number (IRN)

    A number that represents the position of a person on a Medicare card. For example, a person who is listed second on a Medicare Card has an IRN of 2. The IRN appears to the left of the patient’s name on their Medicare card. This is not a unique identifier.

  • inheriting organisation

    A healthcare provider organisation that inherits access levels in relation to My Health Records from an accessing organisation.