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  • Health Check Assessment Schedule

    The schedule in the child development section which displays a list of questions for parents within a child’s current selected state or territory that can be completed by the individual, or representatives, for different childhood age brackets.

  • health check questionnaires

    A list of available questions about a child’s health and development is available from the Health Check Assessment Schedule in a My Health Record and can be completed by parents or the alternate authorised representatives involved in a child’s healthcare.

  • health information

    The information that relates to the individual’s physical or psychological health, and includes the dispensing of medicines and the provision of aged care, palliative care, and care for a person with a disability.

  • Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)

    The service that provides Services Australia services to health professionals through a secure online channel. Services accessed through HPOS include application for My Health Record registration and the ability for a HPI-O to link to a CSP.

  • health service

    The Privacy Act 1988, defines a health service as an activity performed in relation to an individual which is intended or claimed (expressly or otherwise) by the individual or the person performing it:
    (a) to assess, maintain or improve the individual's health; or
    (b) where the individual's health cannot be maintained or improved--to manage the individual's health; or
    (c) to diagnose the individual's illness, disability or injury; or
    (d) to treat the individual's illness, disability or injury or suspected illness, disability or injury; or
    (e) to record the individual's health for the purposes of assessing, maintaining, improving or managing the individual's health.
  • Healthcare Identifiers Act (HI Act)

    The Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010, which establishes the Healthcare Identifiers Service and regulates related matters.

  • Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI Service)

    A national system for uniquely identifying healthcare providers and individuals, which makes sure the right health information is associated with the right individual – see IHI, HPI-I and HPI-O.

  • healthcare professional

    See healthcare provider.

  • healthcare provider

    A person who is involved in or associated with healthcare delivery. For the purposes of the My Health Record system, a healthcare provider is a person who has an HPI-I and is authorised by a registered healthcare provider organisation to access the My Health Record system on their behalf.

    Note: this was previously referred to as ‘individual healthcare provider’

  • Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

    A voluntary provider directory service established and maintained by the Healthcare Identifiers Service Operator.

  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I)

    A unique 16-digit number used to identify individual healthcare providers who deliver healthcare in the Australian healthcare setting.

  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O)

    A unique 16-digit number used to identify organisations that deliver healthcare in the Australian healthcare setting.

  • healthcare provider organisation

    An organisation, or a part of an organisation, that has conducted, conducts, or will conduct, healthcare.

  • healthcare provider organisation access 

    The level of access that a healthcare provider organisation has to an individual’s My Health Record.
    See also general access (healthcare provider organisation) and restricted access (healthcare provider organisation).