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  • general access (applied to a clinical document)

    Document access setting which can be set from the Manage Document Access screen of the National Consumer Portal. A general access document is available to be viewed by all healthcare organisations that have access to the My Health Record.

  • general access (applied to a healthcare provider organisation)

    An access level that can be given to an organisation accessing an individual’s My Health Record. General access for a healthcare provider organisation allows any healthcare provider within that organisation to access the My Health Record and read (view) those documents marked as general access. It also classifies all documents this organisation writes (adds) to the record as general access. An alternative access level that can be applied to healthcare provider organisations is restricted access.

  • general access (applied to a nominated representative)

    The setting for a nominated representative that can be set in the Manage Access to this Record screen of the National Consumer Portal. The general access setting allows a nominated representative to access the individual’s My Health Record and view those documents classified as general access.

  • Goals of Care document

    Outlines the aims of a patient’s medical treatment, as agreed in consultation between the patient, family, carers and healthcare team, including substitute decision makers. Appears in the Advance Care Planning section of an individual’s My Health Record. Making this information available in My Health Record will support end-of-life care that is consistent with a person’s goals, values, beliefs and preferences. Goals of Care documents can be uploaded into your My Health Record by your healthcare provider with your consent.

  • growth charts

    Charts in the child development section that can be used to graph the measurement information recorded for a child over a certain time period, including height, weight, and head circumference.