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  • channel

    A means of entry into the My Health Record system to enable reading and updating My Health Records. For example, individuals can use the National Consumer Portal or providers may use the system via B2B.

  • child development

    The section of the My Health Record that contains information about childhood growth and development.

  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)

    An HL7 standard intended to specify the encoding, structure and semantics of clinical documents for exchange.

  • clinical information system (CIS)

    A system that is used by a healthcare provider to manage patient and practice records. It may include a software component connected to the My Health Record system.

  • clinical synopsis

    A short summary of a healthcare event (e.g. reason for visit, diagnosis etc) included in an event summary.

  • conformant digital certificate (for the My Health Record system)

    An electronic credential used to secure access in the My Health Record system.

  • Consumer Portal

    The portal that is used by an individual who has set up access to their My Health Record online.

  • consumer-shared documents

    Documents that have been authored by an individual, authorised representative or full access nominated representative. These documents, such as the personal health summary, are shared with providers and other representatives.

  • contracted service provider (CSP)

    See registered contracted service provider

  • contracted service provider (CSP) officer

    The officer who acts as the liaison between a contracted service provider and the System Operator. There must be at least one CSP officer and there can be up to three at one time.