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  • access code

    See personal access code (PAC)

  • access history

    A record of all activity related to an individual’s My Health Record. Every time a My Health Record is accessed, changed or removed from the record, an automatic audit trail is created and can be viewed.

  • access list

    A list associated with an individual’s My Health Record that specifies the registered healthcare provider organisations permitted to, or blocked from, accessing an individual’s My Health Record. The access list will show the healthcare provider organisations who have previously accessed the record.

  • accessing organisation

    The healthcare organisation that accesses the My Health Record system.

  • achievement diary

    Developmental milestones throughout childhood, such as the first words spoken or the first day of primary school, can be recorded in the achievement diary by an individual or their authorised representatives, such as a parent. Healthcare providers cannot view these.

  • administration portal

    An online tool used by the System Operator for administrative actions on individual My Health Records, for example when assisting an individual with an enquiry.

  • advance care document (ACD) custodian

    The custodian of an individual’s advance care directive. An individual can add the names and contact details of who they have shared their advance care planning documents with on their My Health Record, and doctors will be able to contact the custodian should the need arise.

  • advance care planning (ACP) document

    A document that is a type of written statement regarding a person’s wishes for their future medical or healthcare treatment, and may formally appoint a substitute decision-maker. Advance care planning documents can be used if, at some point in the future, the person becomes incapable of making healthcare decisions for themselves (e.g. due to illness or injury). Such advance care planning documents can be uploaded to and stored on an individual’s My Health Record.

  • advanced access controls

    The access controls that enable a registered individual to set controls on the registered healthcare provider organisations and nominated representatives who may access the individual’s My Health Record within the My Health Record system.

  • assisted registration

    The registration process that enables healthcare providers to assist their patients to register for a My Health Record.

  • Assisted Registration Tool (ART)

    Purpose-built software to enable an HPI-O to assert a patient’s identity and then submit their details to the My Health Record system for registration.

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

    The organisation responsible for the implementation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme across Australia. Healthcare providers who are registered with the AHPRA will have a healthcare provider identifier - individual (HPI-I).

  • authoring organisation

    The healthcare provider organisation that created the content of a document.

  • authorisation link

    A link that connects a healthcare provider to a healthcare provider organisation so the healthcare provider can access the My Health Record system via the National Provider Portal on behalf of their organisation.

  • authorised employee

    An employee of a registered healthcare provider organisation who has been authorised by the organisation to use the My Health Record system and access an individual's My Health Record on behalf of the organisation.

  • authorised representative

    Someone who can apply for and manage a My Health Record on behalf of another person. For the purposes of the My Health Record system someone can be an authorised representative if they:
    • have parental responsibility for a person under 14; or
    • have legal authority to act on behalf of a person who is at least 14 and who is not capable of making his or her own decisions.
    If there is no one with parental responsibility or legal authority, a person who is otherwise appropriate to act on behalf of the individual can be an authorised representative. An individual can have more than one authorised representative.
  • Authorised representatives