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Emily's My Health Record story 

As a young Australian living with type 1 diabetes, Emily uses her My Health Record to coordinate her care between multiple healthcare providers, and make sure that in an emergency doctors can access the information they need to make informed decisions about her care.  

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. When you have a My Health Record, your health information can be viewed securely online, from anywhere, at any time – even if you move or travel interstate. You can access your health information from any computer or device that’s connected to the internet. 

My Health Record will deliver better health outcomes for young adults including:

  • Digitally connected – You can access your online information whenever you need it using a phone or computer. It records test results, allergies, vaccinations and other details without you having to remember and repeat your medical history to different doctors or specialists.
  • Records travel with you – My Health Record is a digital record, which means that when you move, travel, or change doctors, you can take your health information with you. 
  • Future focused – You don’t have to be sick to benefit from having a My Health Record. While you might not need to access your My Health Record often now, it’ll become more useful as a digital record of your medical history. This will be valuable at times like checking vaccinations when travelling overseas.
  • Improving healthcare – My Health Record will help support future medical research, which will be used to improve health policy and provide better outcomes for all Australians.

My Health Record is a secure system that puts you in control. You decide what information is stored on your record and who is able to access it.

To learn more, find a My Health Record information session near you on our Facebook page.

My Health Record for Australians aged 14 to 17 years old

From the age of 14, you can choose to take control of your own record and decide who sees your information. You can also include the name of your parent or carer as a nominated representative, if you would still like them to see some or all of it. 

» Find out how you can manage your record from age 14 

When you turn 18, your parent or carer will be removed from being able to access your record.

A My Health Record for every Australian in 2018

This year, you will get a My Health Record unless you tell us you don’t want one. If you want a My Health Record, you don’t have to do anything. A secure My Health Record will be created for you by the end of 2018 if you have a Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card.

How to opt out of getting a My Health Record

If you don't have a My Health Record, and don't want one created for you, you will need to opt out between 16 July and 15 November 2018. Find out how you can opt out


“I love to travel. My Health Record is really handy when I’m out and about – not only in Australia but overseas as well. I can log on, see my records and show the GP if anything was to happen to me while I was travelling.” 

Zoe Heineger, 23-year-old surf life saver