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My Health Record gives you access to your important health information. It keeps details like allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, and test or scan results in one place.

Healthcare providers like doctors, specialists and hospital staff may also be able to see your My Health Record online at any time if they need to, such as in an accident or emergency.

Health information stored in your record

Health information stored in your record can include information from you, your healthcare providers, and Medicare.

Information from healthcare professionals  

Healthcare providers such as GPs, specialists and pharmacists can add clinical documents about your health to your record. This includes:

  • an overview of your health uploaded by your doctor, called a Shared Health Summary. This is a useful reference for new doctors or other healthcare providers that you visit
  • hospital discharge summaries
  • reports from test and scans, like blood tests
  • medications that your doctor has prescribed to you
  • referral letters from your doctors.

Information from Medicare

Up to two years of Medicare data can be added to your record, including:

  • Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) information stored by the Department of Human Services
  • Medicare and Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits (RPBS) information stored by the Department of Veterans’ Affair
  • organ donation decisions
  • immunisations that are included in the Australian Immunisation Register. This may include childhood immunisations and other immunisations given to you by a healthcare provider.

Information you can add to your record

You, or someone authorised to represent you, can add personal health summaries to your record to share additional information with your healthcare providers. This includes:  

  • contact numbers and emergency contact details
  • current medications
  • allergy information and any previous adverse reactions
  • indigenous status
  • Veteran or Australian Defence Force status
  • your advance care plan.

What to expect when logging into My Health Record for the first time

The first time you log into your My Health Record there may be little or no information in it. Information will be added after visiting a healthcare provider such as a GP, pharmacist or hospital. You can begin to add your personal health information and notes straight away.

Uploading old tests and scans

Your medical history, such as older tests and scan reports, will not be automatically uploaded to the My Health Record system. Only new reports can be uploaded by participating pathology labs or diagnostic imaging providers.

Talk to your doctor about preparing and uploading a Shared Health Summary to your My Health Record. This summary can capture important historical health information such as previous results from tests or scans, which can then be shared with other treating healthcare providers.