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Once you have set up online access to your My Health Record, you're ready to start setting up your account. 

This page explains some of the key features of My Health Record that you can set up after you log in. 

If you haven't already done so, you will need to register, then set up online access to your My Health Record. The first time you log into your My Health Record there may be little, or no information in it.

What you will see when you first access your My Health Record

Access your My Health Record

You can access your My Health Record by selecting it from the 'Welcome to My Health Record' screen.

You can also set up access to records belonging to your child or someone that you care for. You can add their record to your 'Welcome' screen by clicking on the 'Access or create a My Health Record for someone' else icon.

You can then choose which My Health Record you want to access by selecting it from the records listed on your 'Welcome' screen.

Set up access to someone else's My Health Record

Medicare information

You can choose what Medicare information is added to your My Health Record so that it's available for your healthcare providers to see. 

You can choose to include information about visits to your doctor that were claimed under the Medicare Benefit Schedule, medications that you have had dispensed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, your organ donor decisions if they are recorded on the Australian Organ Donor Register and information about immunisations you may have received that are recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register.

Add important information

If you choose to, you can add important information to your My Health Record. This could include your allergies and medications that are taking, which could be important for your healthcare providers to know.

You can also add contact details for people who could be contacted in an emergency and information about your wishes for future healthcare treatment (advance care planning information).

Manage access and notifications

You can choose to receive notifications via SMS or email about activity involving your My Health Record, for example when a new healthcare provider accesses your My Health Record or a shared health summary is added to your My Health Record. Find out how to set up access controls and notifications