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You can apply to register a child under 18 years of age for a My Health Record where you have parental responsibility for them.

Register a child who is on your Medicare card

If you are registering a child listed on your Medicare card, you can register online using your myGov account. Sign in to myGov and select  'Access or create a My Health Record for someone else'.

If you are unable to register online, complete the form: 

Your GP or another healthcare provider may also be able to help you complete the registration.

Register a child who is not on your Medicare card

You can still register a child if they're not listed on your Medicare card yet. 

If you're registering a newborn, use the Newborn Child Claim for Family Assistance and Medicare form, provided to all new parents in the ‘parent pack’.

You can also ask your GP or healthcare provider to help register your child. 

If you need help to register your child for a My Health Record, contact the Help line