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You can appoint someone else, such as a family member or carer to access and view your My Health Record as your nominated representative.

On this page you’ll find general information on the types of access for a nominated representative. You can also find further information about nominated representatives on the following pages:

For children, or others who cannot manage their My Health Record, an authorised representative such as a parental or legal authority will manage their My Health Record.

Learn more about managing a My Health Record as an authorised representative

Types of access for a nominated representative

You can provide your nominated representative with one of the following types of access:

  • General Access – view all documents, except those you have marked as restricted.
  • Restricted Access – view all documents, including those you have marked as restricted.
  • Full Access – view all documents and make additions to your My Health Record.

Learn how to give someone access to your My Health Record as a nominated representative.

Understand what a nominated representative can do with full access

A nominated representative who has full access to your My Health Record can view all documents, as well as add information such as any new allergies or your emergency contacts. 

A nominated representative with full access cannot register another person for your My Health Record, cancel your My Health Record, make changes to other nominated representatives or update your Medicare document consent details.