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It is possible to manage an account on behalf of someone you are authorised to represent.

Authorised representatives are appointed to act on behalf of another person and manage that person’s My Health Record.

Read more about accessing a My Health Record as an authorised representative.

Timeframe for acting as an authorised representative

If you are managing someone’s record as an authorised representative (for example as a parent), this status ends when:

  • The person you represent is able to take control of their own My Health Record and chooses to do so.
  • The person turns 18 (in the case of a child’s My Health Record).
  • You no longer have legal authority or parental responsibility, such as through court action.
  • The end date of your legal authority is reached.

Removing yourself from a My Health Record owner’s account

You can remove yourself as an authorised representative from a record owner’s account. However, it’s important to consider the impact this could have on the person you represent.

If an individual does not have an authorised representative but requires one, their My Health Record account may be cancelled.

Issues with an authorised representative

If an issue arises between authorised representatives, the first step is to try and resolve it amongst yourselves.

An authorised representative’s status may be stopped if they do not act in accordance with the will and preference of the My Health Record owner. Generally, we will need to see evidence that this is the case before taking such action.

The My Health Record affected may be suspended while an issue is resolved. 

If an authorised representative’s status is stopped or suspended, they will usually be notified. The ceased or unsuccessful authorised representative may appeal the decision by contacting us.

Reporting an issue about authorised representatives

If you need to report an issue related to authorised representatives, or the management of an individual’s record, please contact us