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You may want to allow someone else access to your My Health Record, such as a carer, family member or trusted friend.

If so, you can appoint them as a nominated representative. All nominated representatives must act in accordance with your will and preferences.

How to appoint a nominated representative

Your nominated representative will require a Personal Access Code (PAC) to confirm they are a person you want to access your My Health Record.

To nominate someone and give them a PAC:

  1. Log in to your My Health Record through myGov.
  2. On My Health Record welcome page, select the record where you want to appoint a nominated representative.
  3. Select the 'Privacy & Access' menu.
  4. Look for ‘Access by Individuals’ section, select ‘Manage Access’ to expand this section.
  5. Select 'Invite Someone' button , select ‘Continue’ if you are agreeing on the statement provided on the page to proceed to the next page.
  6. On the ‘Appoint a Nominated Representative’ page ,enter the name of the person you appoint as nominated representative to access your record.
  7. Choose the preferred type of access (i.e. general, restricted or full).
  8. Select ‘Continue’, you will land on ‘Nominated Representative Personal Access Code’ page. On this page take note of the personal access code and give it to the Nominated Representative.
  9. Select Done

Once you confirm you have entered the correct details, a PAC for that nominated representative will appear on the screen. This needs to be noted and then provided to the nominated representative.

The PAC is a temporary access code that expires within 30 days and is used by the nominated representative to confirm that you have granted them access to your My Health Record. You can generate a new PAC if it expires, was not written down, was noted incorrectly or is misplaced.