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While unlikely, it’s possible that incorrect information could be uploaded to your My Health Record or that information could be missing.

It’s important that you check that all your health information is up to date and correct.

Just as you would tell your bank if you saw a withdrawal that you didn’t make – My Health Record gives you the ability to check that the information about you is correct.

Incorrect information 

If you find incorrect information in your record, please contact us as soon as possible on 1800 723 471 (option 1).

An example of incorrect information could be a medicine that appears in your My Health Record that you have never taken.

Remove incorrect information

If you are concerned about some information, you can remove the document from your record.

Contact your healthcare provider

If the incorrect information is in a document from a healthcare provider (e.g. your GP), you can ask them to correct this.

Missing information

If information is missing from your record, first check that your healthcare provider is connected to the My Health Record system. If they are, ask them to upload the document to your record.

Note that if your healthcare provider is not yet connected to the My Health Record system, they won’t be about to upload documents.

Once your healthcare provider is connected, they can start to upload information for you.