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You can choose to control access to documents in your My Health Record, such as shared health summaries, test results or hospital discharge summaries.

By default, documents in your My Health Record are set to ‘General access’. If you want to set extra privacy settings on documents in your My Health Record, you can control access by:

  • Restricting access to a document, which will limit access by your nominated representatives and healthcare providers, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Removing a document, so that it cannot be viewed by anybody, even in an emergency.

Restricting access to a document

You can restrict access to any document in your My Health Record. You can also choose to give selected healthcare provider organisations or nominated representatives access to your restricted documents.

To set a document to ‘Restricted’ access

  1. Log in to your My Health Record through myGov.
  2. Select the record you wish to access.
  3. Select the ‘Privacy & Access’ tab in the top navigation menu.
  4. Select ‘Manage My Document Access’.
  5. Scroll to ‘Documents in your My Health Record’.
  6. Select ‘Manage Access’ under the ‘Action’ heading.
  7. Select ‘Restricted Access’, then select ‘Save’.

Limited document access codes

You can give healthcare provider organisations and nominated representatives a limited document access code (LDAC) so that they can view your restricted documents.

If you forget your original LDAC, you can always view the code on the ‘Manage My Document Access’ page. Please note, that providers who have accessed your restricted documents previously using your old code will still be able to access the documents and will not require your new code.

Once a healthcare provider organisation has used the LDAC, they will be listed in your provider access list with ‘restricted access’ to your record. This means they will be able to view your restricted documents.

If you no longer want a healthcare provider organisation to access your restricted documents, you can remove them from your provider access list, or change their access level, at any time.

Setting a limited document access code

Once you have set your documents to ‘Restricted’, follow these steps to set a limited document access code (LDAC) for access to your restricted documents:

  1. Click the 'Privacy & Access' tab in the top navigation menu.
  2. Select ‘Manage My Document Access’.
  3. Provided you have set at least one document as ‘Restricted’, select ‘Set limited document access code’.
  4. On the next screen, set a 4 to 8 character code. This code cannot be the same as your Record Access Code. Make note of your code so you can give it to your healthcare providers.
  5. Re-enter the 4 to 8 character code to validate it. 
  6. Select ‘Save'.
  7. Select ‘OK' to set the code.

Removing a document

You can choose to remove a document from your My Health Record. This means that your healthcare providers won’t be able to see or access the document, even in a medical emergency.

It may affect the care you are provided if your healthcare provider doesn’t have a full picture of your health history.

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