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You control who accesses the information in your My Health Record.

All documents in My Health Record are set to general access for healthcare providers by default. This means any providers who are involved in your care can see this information. You can change your access controls at any time. 

Privacy and security controls

You have the option to control who can or can’t see your health information. The changes to privacy and security you can make are:

Children’s records are managed by an authorised representative, usually a parent or legal guardian.

Monitoring access

The Australian Digital Health Agency, as the System Operator of My Health Record, reviews all access to My Health Record. You may wish to regularly check who has accessed your My Health Record.

You can set up automatic notifications to receive an email or text any time a new healthcare provider accesses your My Health Record, including in an emergency. 

Emergency access

In a medical emergency, healthcare providers connected to the My Health Record system can see your health information such as allergies, medicines and immunisations. This helps them to provide you with the best possible treatment and care.

If you have set an access code for your My Health Record and there is a serious threat to your life, health or safety, emergency access to your record may be provided.

Emergency access lasts for a maximum of five days and will show in your record access history. If you have set up automatic notifications you will be notified of this access.

Secure access

Your My Health Record is linked to your myGov account, which provides you with secure access to a range of Australian Government services, including Medicare, Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office. myGov is a secure Australian Government service that can only be accessed using a password and the answer to a secret question or an access code.

All security and privacy settings in your My Health Record apply to information accessed via your desktop computer, mobile, or app.

Learn about the simple safeguards you can put in place to keep your information safe.

Simple security and privacy tips

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