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Whether you can be appointed as an authorised representative depends on your relationship to the person you are representing, their age, and whether they have the capacity to manage their own record.

Who can be an authorised representative for your newborn

After your child is born, you can indicate whether you would like a My Health Record created for them as part of their Medicare registration. As their parent or legal guardian, you will automatically become their authorised representative on their My Health Record.

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Your child under 14 years

If your child is listed on your Medicare card, you can become the authorised representative for their My Health Record.

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When your child turns 14, they can manage their own My Health Record and their authorised representatives, including parents, will be automatically removed.

If your child would like you or another trusted adult to help them manage their record, they can invite you to be their nominated representative.

An adult (over 18 years)

If an adult you have responsibility for lacks the capacity to manage their own record, and you have authority to act on their behalf, you can apply to be their authorised representative.

Apply to be an authorised representative

To become someone's authorised representative, download and complete the application form and submit with the relevant supporting information.

Supporting information may include:

  • Written advice from a medical practitioner or psychologist to show the person lacks the capacity to manage their own My Health Record
  • Your authority to act on behalf of the person (further details below)
  • The person’s identity details such as name, date of birth and Medicare number.
  • Your identity details such as name, date of birth and Medicare number.

To prove parental authority, you can show:

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • Your Medicare card, which shows your name and your child’s name
  • An order from an Australian court or tribunal that shows you are the child's parent

To demonstrate other forms of authority, you can show:

  • Enduring guardianship or guardianship order
  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Statutory declaration outlining your relationship to the person, and declaring that to the best of your knowledge there is no other person with parental responsibility or legal authority to act on their behalf (Please note: your application may be stopped or not granted if someone with more responsibility or legal authority exists.)

Submit your application

Send your application form and copies of your supporting evidence to:

My Health Record Program     
GPO Box 9942