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An authorised representative is responsible for managing the My Health Record of someone who cannot manage their own. This could be for their child under 14 years, or an adult who lacks the capacity to manage their own record. 

There may be several authorised representatives on an individual’s My Health Record. For example, both parents can be authorised representatives for their child under the age of 14 years.

An authorised representative must act in the best interest of the person they represent. 

What authorised representatives can do

The authorised representative has complete access and control over the record, as if it was their own.

They can:

  • View, remove and add information 
  • Choose whether Medicare information is uploaded to the record
  • Choose which healthcare provider organisations can access the record
  • Add or remove nominated representatives 
  • View other authorised representatives 
  • Cancel the record to permanently delete it

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Who can be an authorised representative

An authorised representative may be a parent, carer, family member, legal guardian, or someone with enduring power of attorney.

Become an authorised representative

Whether you can be appointed as an authorised representative depends on your relationship to the person you are representing, their age, whether they have a My Health Record, and whether they have the capacity to manage their own record.

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Authorised representatives for children under 14 years

Until the age of 14, a child’s authorised representative, usually a parent or legal guardian, manages their My Health Record on their behalf. 
Due to recent changes to My Health Record laws, when a child turns 14, they can manage their own record and all authorised representatives are automatically removed.  

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Remove an authorised representative

Depending on your individual circumstances, if your My Health Record is currently being managed by an authorised representative, you can remove them and manage your own record. 

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Report an issue with an authorised representative

If you need to report an issue related to an authorised representative, or their management of your My Health Record, please call the Help line on 1800 723 471 so we can investigate.