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Liz’s My Health Record story

As a professional triathlete and new mum, Liz has a busy lifestyle and sees many healthcare professionals, from her sports doctor to her family GP. She uses My Health Record to manage her own, and her family's medical information.

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What is My Health Record? 

My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. You can use it to manage your family’s health information, including your child’s records.

By choosing to manage your family’s health information with My Health Record, you can view each individual's records securely online, from anywhere, at any time – even if you move or travel interstate.

When your family members have a My Health Record, healthcare providers can upload important information as it happens and provide a more detailed picture of each individual's health. You can record your own notes about your child’s development, ensuring this information is on hand when it’s needed in the future.

Having a My Health Record can make getting the right treatment faster, safer and easier for your family by providing:

  • Connected care – Your family’s health information is available in one place so it can be accessed by doctors, specialists and hospital staff. This means information is available when needed.
  • Keeping track – You can access details of test results, allergies, vaccinations and your own health notes without having to remember or repeat your child’s health information.
  • Information in an emergency – In a medical emergency, doctors can temporarily information including allergies and current medications. You can be confident that your child is being taken care of, even if you’re not there. 
  • Personal control – My Health Record is secure and protected by law. You choose what is uploaded onto your record or your child’s record and who is able to see it.
  • A complete picture – As your child grows, the information stored on their My Health Record will provide a holistic view of their medical history and form a powerful treatment aid throughout their life.

My Health Record is a secure system that puts you in control. You decide who sees your family’s records and what information is stored in it. Next time you or a family member sees a doctor, talk to them about uploading a summary of the visit to My Health Record.

Managing your child’s My Health Record

If you create a My Health Record for your child, you will automatically be listed as their authorised representative. This means you will be responsible for managing their record until they can manage their own record from age 14. More than one authorised representative (for example, both parents) can manage a child’s My Health Record if required.

Under new privacy laws, when a child turns 14, their authorised representatives are automatically removed. 

Case study: Saving time with young children

Casey and Jamie are busy parents to three-year-old Emily. They also have a new arrival on the way. Balancing work and home life is hard enough – so they signed up for My Health Record to help manage their family’s health. They now have easy access to medical records, including Emily’s vaccinations, even when they can’t get in to see their regular doctor.

“I now have that peace of mind that if I need access to any of my health records, or my daughter’s or my husband’s, we can just log on to My Health Record and everything’s right there. It’s not relying on me recalling everything that’s happened. It’s brilliant.” 

Liz Blatchford, professional triathlete and mother of 13 month-old Mahli

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