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The My Health Record laws passed by the Australian Parliament in 2018 provide greater privacy for children aged 14 and over. Under these laws, when your child turns 14, you as a parent, and any other authorised representative or nominated representative will be removed from that child’s record.

Help your child access their record for the first time

To access their record for the first time, your child will need to set up a myGov account and link their My Health Record to their myGov. This will let them access their record through myGov at any time, using any device that connects to the internet.

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Help your child manage their record

Your child can invite a parent, family member, carer or someone else they trust, to help them view or manage their record as their nominated representative. They can invite more than one person to be a nominated representative. 

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Find out how to access your child’s record as a nominated representative


What if my child is not capable of making decisions for themselves?

If your child is not able to make decisions for themselves, you can become their authorised representative. An authorised representative has complete access and control over the record, as if it were their own. To apply, you will need to provide your details and your child’s details and supporting information to demonstrate your authority to act on behalf of your child. 

Find out how to  become an authorised representative


Privacy settings

There are a range of privacy and access settings available in My Health Record. Your child can set an access code to restrict which healthcare organisations can see their record or individual documents in it and they can set up notifications to receive an email or SMS any time a new healthcare organisation accesses their record.

If you have access to your child’s record as a nominated representative with full access, or if you are an authorised representative, you will be able to update the privacy settings in your child’s record.  

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