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My Health Record is a secure way to share health information between you and your healthcare providers like your GP. As an older Australian, My Health Record can support you to manage your healthcare records, including medications you are taking ensuring information is available wherever you go, so you don't need to remember your medical history, prescriptions and test results.

How you can use My Health Record

If you are an older Australian, you can use My Health Record to:

  • Keep track of your health information online – Log in to My Health Record securely through myGov to see and manage your health information. If you don’t want to set up online access, your healthcare providers can still add and see your health information.
  • View your medicines information – Use My Health Record to keep track of medications you currently take or have taken, your medicine dosages and any allergies or adverse reactions you might have.
  • Share important health details in an emergency – Add your emergency contacts, so that doctors know who to call in an emergency. You can also add a personal health summary so that doctors can give you the right treatment at a critical time.
  • Control who can access your record -  Choose to restrict access to specific information and decide which healthcare organisations can access your record.
  • See who has accessed your record – View a history of when someone has accessed your record. You can also set SMS or email notifications, so you know when a healthcare provider organisation opens your record for the first time.
  • Get help to manage your record from someone you trust – If you’d like one of your family members, your carer or a trusted friend to help you with My Health Record, you can give them access as a nominated representative.
  • Upload advance care planning documents and custodian details – Let your doctor or family know about the future care you want, how you want to be treated if you can no longer speak on your own behalf or make your own decisions, and who to contact in relation to your preferences.  You can ensure this information is available to your treating doctors if it’s ever needed by adding it to your My Health Record.
  • View a goals of care document - A goals of care document is a clinical document written by your healthcare provider, to plan treatment if your condition deteriorates. This document considers your current health, your values and preferences, and your doctors' knowledge about what treatments might be helpful or unhelpful for you. It is usually created during a planned discussion between you, your healthcare provider and / or your family.

Add information to My Health Record

Your new My Health Record might not have much information uploaded at first. Your doctor, pharmacist and other healthcare providers can add information to create a picture of your health over time. 

Ask your healthcare provider to add new information to your My Health Record at your next visit. 

Learn more about using My Health Record through our how-to video series.

Bill's My Health Record story

Bill’s battle with prostate cancer involved a range of health professionals. My Health Record has helped Bill to track all his medications and results throughout his treatment.

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“I have seen a lot of specialists. Those doctors or specialists never had contact with each other, so they just rely on me to give them the information they needed.  Sometimes I might not remember dates and times of when or where, you thought later oh I didn’t mention that, or I didn’t say this, or I forgot that. To have that all there and it is accurate and up to date is better for me, feeling comfortable that they know exactly what’s wrong with me. Understanding my health has given me a better outcome, at 62 I am healthier now than I was in my earlier years.”