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This page provides information for healthcare providers and organisations wanting to register with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and the My Health Record system. 

These steps are required for:

  • healthcare provider organisations that want to:
    • apply for a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations (HPI-O)
    • access the HI Service and download patient Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs)
    • access the My Health Record system
    • use Secure Message Delivery (SMD)
  • healthcare provider individuals who want to apply for a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Individuals (HPI-I). 

Register your organisation for an HPI-O and with the My Health Record system

An organisation needs to have someone with an HPI-I before they can get an HPI-O (see steps on this page for more information). 

Before registering, please familiarise yourself with the roles and responsibilities within the Healthcare Identifier (HI) service and My Health Record system. This will help you understand the terms used on this page.

Registering a seed organisation

You can register your seed organisation via Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), accessible via the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) portal. 

From the HPOS ‘My programs’ page:

  1. Select the ‘My Health Record and Healthcare Identifiers’ tile.
  2. Select ‘Healthcare Identifiers - Register seed organisation’.
  3. Complete the online form to register your seed organisation.

More information is available from Services Australia

You will need a PRODA account to access HPOS. Register for a PRODA account.

Registering a network organisation

Once you have successfully registered your seed organisation and received your healthcare identifier (HPI-O), you can register one or more network organisations with the HI Service and My Health Record system using HPOS. Find out more.

Creating roles and responsibilities

When registering your organisation with the HI Service, you will automatically be registered as the responsible officer (RO) and the organisation maintenance officer (OMO). Each organisation can have only one RO but can have multiple OMOs. The RO and the OMO can be the same person. Following successful registration, you can update or add new OMOs using HPOS.

See roles and responsibilities for more information on who could assume these roles and what is involved.

Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

When registering your seed organisation with the HI Service and the My Health Record system, your organisation’s details will be entered into the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). 

As an individual, if you are registered with APHRA, you automatically get a record in the HPD. If you are an existing allied health professional, you can add yourself to HPD via HPOS. If you are registering with the HI Service for the first time through HPOS, you will automatically get added to the HPD. 

For more information, download the 

 (PDF, 117 KB)

My Health Record system policy

As part of the legislative requirements to participate in the My Health Record system, organisations need to confirm they have a My Health Record system policy that addresses a number of areas. To help you with this step, read the

 (PDF, 295 KB)

Templates that can be adapted to suit your organisation are:

     (Word, 20 KB)

    In addition, a number of organisations have developed sample policies to assist you:

    For help on completing any of these steps, see our contacts for healthcare professionals page.

    Security practices and policies checklist

    This checklist can be used as a guide to implementing security practices and policies in your organisation.

    It covers the requirements that must be incorporated in a My Health Record system security policy, as outlined in the My Health Records Rule 2016, together with a number of sound privacy and security practices.

    Recommended training checklist and declaration

    The Recommended Training Checklist and Declaration assists healthcare organisations with guiding and tracking My Health Record training according to the participant obligations. 

    Steps to obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I)

    Healthcare providers such as GPs, allied health professionals and nurses registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) are automatically registered with the HI Service and assigned an HPI-I number. Health professionals who are employed in a profession not regulated by AHPRA need to apply for an HPI-I. See ‘Options for healthcare providers not registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I’ below for steps to apply.

    Options for healthcare providers registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I

    You should have received a letter from AHPRA with your HPI-I. If you have not kept this letter, use one of the options below to get your HPI-I.

    Option 1
    • Log in to the AHPRA website; or
    • Call AHPRA on 1300 419 495 Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (AEST).

    Note: If you know your AHPRA User ID, add 800361 to the front of the ID to get your HPI-I.

    Option 2  Call the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm (AEST) and ask for your HPI-I.
    Option 3 If your healthcare organisation is registered with the HI Service, your organisation maintenance officer (OMO) can retrieve your HPI-I from Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) for you.

    Options for healthcare providers not registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I

    If you are a healthcare professional in a field of practice not covered by AHPRA you may be eligible to obtain an HPI-I, provided you meet the criteria for an individual healthcare provider set out in the Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010.

    To be eligible, a healthcare professional must be a current member of a professional association that:

    • relates to the healthcare that has been, is being, or is to be, provided by the member; and
    • has uniform national membership requirements, whether or not in legislation.

    Find out more about the professional association characteristics for allied health professional eligibility.

    If you believe you meet the above criteria and wish to obtain an HPI-I, you can apply using the allied health registration process.

    Read the Provider Type Classification Reference Guide to determine your provider type.

    Please see My Health Record in allied health for additional digital health resources.

    Accessing the My Health Record system using conformant software

    If an organisation is going to access the My Health Record system using conformant software they will also need to obtain a National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate.

    A NASH PKI Organisation Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates an organisation whenever they access the My Health Record system using conformant software.

    Organisations can apply for a NASH PKI Organisation Certificate via HPOS.

    Find out how to apply for a NASH PKI Organisation Certificate.

    Accessing the National Provider Portal

    If your healthcare provider organisation does not have access to conformant clinical software, you can use the read-only National Provider Portal to access My Health Record.

    To use the National Provider Portal, you  must have a PRODA account and your HPI-I must be linked to your organsiation’s HPI-O.

    For more information see the Provider Portal page.