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This page provides information to assist healthcare organisations to register with the HI Service and the My Health Record system. These are the first two key steps to access the My Health Record system. 

These steps are required for:

  • healthcare organisations that want to apply for a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations (HPI-O)
  • healthcare organisations that want to access the HI Service and download patient Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs)
  • healthcare organisations that want to access the My Health Record system
  • healthcare organisations that want to use Secure Message Delivery (SMD)
  • healthcare Providers that want a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Individuals (HPI-I).


HI Service and Healthcare Identifier types

The Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service is a national system for uniquely identifying healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and individuals receiving healthcare. The HI Service is a foundation component of all national digital health products and services, including My Health Record. Healthcare identifiers help ensure individuals and healthcare providers have confidence that the right information is associated with the right individual at a particular point of care.

Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) — identifies a patient (individual) receiving healthcare. An IHI uniquely identifies individuals who receive healthcare, including Australian citizens, permanent residents and visitors to Australia.

Healthcare Provider Identifier Individual (HPII) — identifies an individual healthcare provider who provides healthcare, such as general practitioners, allied health professionals, specialists, nurses, dentists and pharmacists, among others.

Healthcare Provider Identifier Organisation (HPIO) — identifies the healthcare provider organisation where healthcare is provided, such as hospitals, medical practices, pathology or radiology laboratories and pharmacies.

Why use Healthcare Identifiers?

Healthcare identifiers can be used in health related information to clearly identify the patient, the treating health professional and the organisation where healthcare is provided. This helps reduce the potential for errors with healthcare related information and communication, and gives confidence that the right information is being associated with the right individual.

Healthcare identifiers are also the foundation for other government initiatives, such as the My Health Record system.

My Health Record

A My Health Record is a secure electronic summary of an individual's health information that can be accessed by the individual, their representatives and healthcare providers involved in the individual's care. Authorised healthcare providers have access to a summary of the individual's health information, helping improve treatment decisions and continuity of care. Healthcare providers must be registered in the HI Service before they can participate in the My Health Record system.

Understanding how your organisation will be structured

All healthcare providers and organisations wishing to participate in the My Health Record system must first be registered with the HI Service. Once registered, healthcare organisations are issued with a unique 16-digit HPI-O number. 

Choosing Seed or Network

How you register with and set up your organisation in the HI Service will depend on the specific nature and needs of your organisation. For the majority of healthcare organisations, a single Seed HPI-O structure will apply.

For larger and more complex organisations (for example, a hospital with multiple departments), you will need to consider how your organisation should be structured in the HI Service before applying. In the instance of a hospital, one or more departments may be registered as a Network Organisation. For guidance choosing whether to create a Seed or Network organisation, see the section below titled 'Guidance for Choosing your Organisation’s HPI-O Structure'.

Please note that regardless of your HPI-O structure, the first step is to register a Seed Organisation.

If you are not sure whether to register your organisation as a Seed or Network, contact the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457 or visit contacts for healthcare professionals for help.

Seed Organisations

Seed Organisations are entities which provide or control the delivery of healthcare services. Within a network of healthcare organisations, the seed organisation is the principal entity of the hierarchy. Examples of Seed Organisations could include a sole practitioner, small practice, aged care facility, hospital head office, aged care head office. 

In more complex situations, a series of Network Organisations might be established beneath the Seed Organisation. A complex HPI-O structure may be necessary where different levels of access to the My Health Record system for the Seed Organisation and its Network Organisations are required; where there is more than one system to send and receive electronic messages; and/or where more than one listing is required in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).

Network Organisations

Network  organisations stem from the Seed Organisation. They commonly represent different departments or divisions within a larger complex organisation (e.g. a Hospital or Multi-disciplinary Healthcare Practice). They can be separate legal entities from the Seed Organisation, but do not need to be legal entities in their own right. 

Guides with detailed information on Seed and Network Organisations as well as setting access flags can be found below:

Register your organisation for a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) and with the My Health Record system

When doing so, consider:

  • roles and responsibilities within the Healthcare Identifier (HI) and My Health Record system
  • your organisation's listing in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).

Registering your Seed Organisation online 

To help you register your Seed Organisation, the Agency has created the Digital Health Online Forms Service . This service gives you the option to:

  • Register your Seed Organisation online with the Healthcare Identifier (HI) Service, and
  • Register your Seed Organisation online with the My Health Record system

If you require assistance completing your online application, use the contacts for healthcare professionals page. Alternatively, you have the option to register your Seed Organisation by completing a paper-based application form.

Registering a Network Organisation

A Network Organisation will need to register with the HI Service and My Health Record system using two separate application forms. For a Network Organisation, a HI Service application form must be completed using a paper-based application. However, the My Health Record system application for a Network Organisation can be completed electronically if you have access to the Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) portal. HPOS offers a faster application process than the paper-based application. If you do not have access to HPOS, you will need to complete the paper-based application to register your Network Organisation with the My Health Record system.

Creating roles and responsibilities

When registering your organisation with the HI Service, you will elect at least one individual from your organisation to be recognised as the Responsible Officer (RO) and the Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO). Each organisation can have only one RO but can have multiple OMOs. The RO can also choose to be an OMO. See Roles and Responsibilities for more information on who could assume these roles and what is involved.

Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

You will be asked during your application if you would like to create a Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) record for your organisation. A HPD record provides a means for healthcare organisations and individuals registered with the HI Service to search for contact details of other registered healthcare providers and organisations.

Please note that if you are a general practitioner and intend to register your healthcare organisation for the Practice Incentive Program (eHealth Incentive), an up-to-date HPD record for your organisation is a mandatory component of the second requirement (Secure Message Delivery) .

My Health Record system policy

As part of meeting the legislative requirements to participate in the My Health Record system, organisations need to confirm they have a My Health Record system policy which addresses a number of areas. To help you with this step, read the which includes a which can be adapted to suit your organisation. In addition, a number of organisations have developed sample polices to assist you:

For help on completing any of these steps, use our contacts for healthcare professionals page.

Steps for Healthcare Provider Individuals to obtain an Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I)

Healthcare providers such as GPs, allied health professionals and nurses registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) are already registered with the HI Service and have automatically been assigned a HPI-I number. Providers that are employed in a healthcare profession that is not regulated by AHPRA will need to apply for a HPI-I. See Options for Healthcare Providers not registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I below for steps to apply.

Obtaining healthcare provider HPI-Is

Options for Healthcare Providers registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I

Option 1

AHPRA has sent you your HPI-I in correspondence. However, if this has not been retained, you can obtain your HPI-I from:

  • the AHPRA website using your login account; or
  • calling AHPRA on 1300 419 495 Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (local time).

Note: If you know your AHPRA User ID, simply add 800361 to the front of the ID to get your HPI-I.

Option 2

Call the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm (local time) and request your HPI-I.

Option 3

If your healthcare organisation is registered with the HI Service, your Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) can retrieve your HPI-I from Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) for you, provided that you have consented to have your details published in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).


Options for Healthcare Providers not registered with AHPRA to obtain their HPI-I

If you are a healthcare professional in a field of practice not covered by AHPRA you may still be eligible to obtain an HPI-I, provided that you meet the criteria for an individual healthcare provider set out in the Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010.

To be eligible a healthcare professional must be a current member of a professional association that:

  • Relates to the healthcare that has been, is, or is to be provided by the member; and
  • Has uniform national membership requirements, whether or not in legislation.

If you believe you meet the above criteria and wish to obtain an HPI-I, you can apply using the appropriate form below:

Application Form

Complete if:

Application to Register a Healthcare Provider

The field of practice you wish to register with the HI Service is not covered by AHPRA in your state or territory.

Application to amend a Healthcare Provider Record

You wish to add or change the details of an existing healthcare provider, including their profession, and add or amend their Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) entry details.

Once you have completed the steps above, please  Apply for National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate to complete the third step to access the My Health Record system. For help on completing any of these steps, visit the contacts for healthcare professionals page.