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Promote your organisation

To maximise the benefits of digital health in your organisation, consider increasing awareness amongst your patients and local healthcare providers that you are using digital health products, including the My Health Record system.

If patients are not aware you are using these products and services, they may fail to let you know they have a My Health Record. Similarly other healthcare providers may not upload information to an individual's My Health Record until they know other healthcare providers are accessing the information.

Ideas to consider

Some early users of the My Health Record system found it beneficial to use a range of activities to promote their new capability. Consider doing some of the following:

  • Include articles in your organisation newsletter and website about digital health e.g. how you have implemented it and what benefits it can have for your patients.
  • Send letters to clients who may benefit from having a My Health Record inviting them to ask about digital health at their next appointment.
  • Ensure your organisation's clinicians and staff maintain a high awareness of digital health and increase their effectiveness in using it in their interactions with patients and other healthcare providers.
  • Contact other healthcare providers and let them know that your organisation is connected. 
  • Encourage other healthcare provider organisations (Hospitals, Specialists, Aged Care, General Practice, Allied Health, etc.) to sign up to the My Health Record system.
  • Contact your local newspaper with a story about digital health and how it works in your organisation.
  • Have posters and flyers available in the waiting area for patients to read.
  • Conduct information sessions for patients to inform them about the benefits of digital health.

Some Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have provided advice and assistance to organisations in their local areas, for example, providing letter templates and assistance with mail-merge for patient mail-outs. Your Primary Health Network may be able to assist your organisation in a similar way.