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This section outlines a range of training and resources you can use to familiarise yourself with My Health Record. 

    My Health Record online training

    This training introduces My Health Record and outlines its benefits, features and functionalities. It covers topics such as:

    • the types of information in the My Health Record system;
    • how to view a person's My Health Record and upload information to it;
    • the legislation which underpins healthcare providers' use of the My Health Record system;
    • how the My Health Record system can improve clinical outcomes; and
    • healthcare providers' participation obligations.

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    Clinical software simulators

    There are a range of clinical software simulators or ‘sandboxes’ with which you can simulate viewing, creating and uploading clinical information to fictional patients’ My Health Records, as well as carrying out Assisted Registration. The software simulators include: Bp Premier, MedicalDirector, Zedmed, Genie, and Communicare.

    Access clinical software simulators

    Clinical software summary sheets

    There are summary sheets for a range of clinical software products with step-by-step instructions and screenshots for interacting with the My Health Record system.




    Bp Premier 




    Clincial software demonstrations

    There is a range of demonstrations showing how to perform a variety of functions in some clinical software products.

    BP Premier


      Medical Director




      Provider Portal demonstration

      There is a demonstration showing how, once registered and connected, to log into the Provider Portal and view the range of information that might be available in a patient’s My Health Record.

      Access Provider Portal demonstration


      The Agency has hosted a number of webinars to help build knowledge on My Health Record.

      Access webinar recordings

      Education and training request form

      The Agency can provide face-to-face education and training.

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      • In this video Dr. John Aloizos from Garden City Medical Centre in Upper Mt Gravatt, Queensland talks about benefits of My Health Record in clinical care.
      • This video showcases the story of consumer user Kelly Powell as she talks about her experience in signing up to My Health Record and why it is so important now she has become a mum. Her GP, Dr Meredith Makeham speaks about why My Health Record can benefit Kelly, especially as a sufferer from chronic diseases.
      • This video showcases the story of consumer user Ian Gillies as he talks about the benefits of having a My Health Record. His GP, Dr Chris Moy speaks about his experiences in using Ian's record also.