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Manage your health information with confidence and ease using My Health Record.

How you can use My Health Record

Even if you’re a healthy adult, you can use My Health Record to:

Add information to My Health Record

Your new My Health Record might not have much information in it when you first log in. Your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider can start to add information to create a picture of your health over time.

Ask your healthcare provider to add new information to your My Health Record at your next visit.

Case study: My Health Record comes in handy, even when you’re healthy 

Mark considers himself a pretty healthy guy: he goes to the gym a couple of times a week before heading into the office, where he works as a business analyst. He tries to cook healthy meals at home most nights. But even though he doesn’t have any major health concerns, he still has his My Health Record up and running. He has the occasional blood test and knows that if he needs to check on his medical history, he can see it online.

Having a My Health Record has already come in handy. Mark regularly travels for work and, on his last trip, accidentally left a course of antibiotics at home, along with the his prescription. Rather than having a full consultation, Mark was able to check his My Health Record on his phone and quickly bring his non-regular GP up to date on his prescription.

Using My Health Record at Bourke Hospital

Nurses, doctors, pathologists and other healthcare specialists at Bourke Hospital talk about how My Health Record helps them deliver care.


“My Health Record is all about you. It’s about you making the choice that you want to have access to your information. It’s you determining how your health record is stored. This is truly about giving you back the power to control your health.”

Khadija Gbla, business owner, speaker, activist