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My Health Record can help you to manage your health information between your healthcare providers in one secure location. Even when you travel, your doctor will be able to see details about your medical history and treatment.

How you can use My Health Record

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can use My Health Record to:

My Health Record storybooks

Created in collaboration with the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW, these My Health Record storybooks give you an overview of My Health Record. This includes how to log in, who can see your records and other important information:

Add information to My Health Record

Your new My Health Record might not have much information in it when you first log in. Your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider can start to add information to create a picture of your health over time.

Ask your healthcare provider to add new information to your My Health Record at your next visit.

Case study: Access to prescriptions wherever you go

Jim and Cindy live in Far North Queensland and love travelling across Australia to see friends and family. But they also need to ensure Cindy’s Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus can be managed on the road. Recently, on a trip interstate, Cindy realised she had left behind her prescription, which she uses to control her blood sugar levels. Despite being far away from her GP, Cindy was able to visit a different doctor and bring up her medical history using My Health Record. My Health Record makes it easier for Cindy to take her medical history with her and ensure no matter where she is, her health is taken care of.

Esther's My Health Record story

Aboriginal woman Esther Montgomery is living with chronic health conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and stage 2 renal disease.

“It’s difficult to get a GP in rural and remote areas so we have to staff our clinic with locums. They come for two or three weeks at a time and then go away. With My Health Record, people won’t have to tell the same story to every locum they come across.”

Barbara Flick (Ungi), Former CEO, Bourke Aboriginal Health Centre